Picture of graduates of discipleship school in India
Graduates of K.K.’s discipleship school recently celebrated the completion of their training and outreach assignments

Oasis of Hope

How you’re helping to raise up disciples amid persecution in India

Dear Family,

1.3 billion people live in India. That’s three times the population of the U.S. Can you imagine how a large scale movement of God across that nation could impact the world? So what’s preventing this?

Radical Hindu persecution is one obstacle. So are militant Buddhists near the Tibetan/Bhutanese border, and extreme Islamic movements near the borders of Bangladesh and Pakistan. After centuries of mission attempts to break into these strongholds, only 2% of the nation of India identify as Christian.

But the story is not finished.

In the midst of religious strife, confusion and chaos, God has raised up an oasis where King Jesus is boldly worshiped. Kerala State, in Southern India, is home to K.K. Alavi, a Heaven’s Family partner who cares deeply for his country and its people. K.K. was born into an extreme Muslim family. The Islamic faith saturated and controlled his family and community. But as a teenager K.K.’s heart was miraculously awakened to new life in Jesus Christ. His conversion came at a heavy price, however. K.K endured beatings, imprisonment, torture, and near starvation from those he loved and knew so well.

God used these difficult early years of faith to mold K.K. into an unparalleled Christian leader among the Islamic people of his region. Now in his 70s, K.K. has a rich legacy of starting many churches, founding a Christian High School with 700 students, writing a dozen important theological and apologetical books for searching Muslims, as well as sharing the gospel with thousands.

His crowning accomplishment may be pioneering the “Oasis of Hope,” a grassroots Bible college, discipleship training center, and ministry safe house for persecuted Christians. Walking on this campus last year, my heart was immediately filled with an overwhelming sense of peace and awareness of God’s presence. I was on “holy ground,” surrounded by choice servants of Jesus Christ. Most of the students come from poverty-stricken unreached areas of Northern India. Tuition for them is free, and after three years of training they are sent out to multiply disciples and plant churches. Others are trained to be bold witnesses among the Muslim populations that surround the Oasis. Only courageous disciples need apply.

Through the Disciple Multiplication Ministry, you have been a faithful partner for the Oasis for years. You have supported the training of young disciples, met urgent needs of persecuted believers, and assisted in publishing evangelistic and discipleship materials for Muslim-background seekers and Jesus followers. You are a significant part of this ministry and, as a result, you are multiplying disciples. Thank you for praying, giving and standing in the gap for this incredible frontline movement of Jesus.

Together in Christ,

David Promise
Director of Ministry Partnerships, Disciple Multiplication Ministry

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