On the (Dusty) Road to Success

05 Aug

On the (Dusty) Road to Success

Edwin Wanyonyi, thankful for the “lift” out of poverty

On the (Dusty) Road to Success

A Kenyan man supports his family from the seat of a motorbike

Dear Friends,

Edwin Wanyonyi is from Saboti, Kenya. When Edwin first received his $730 micro-loan from Heaven’s Family, he was barely able to support his wife, mother and two sisters, surviving only on the odd jobs that Edwin could scrounge up. After Edwin received approval of his business plan early in 2014, he used his loan to purchase a motorbike to start a taxi business.

When I visited Edwin earlier this year, I was impressed with how new his 1-year-old bike still looked, despite regularly riding through choking dust from the bumpy dirt Saboti roads during the dry season, or slogging through mud in the rainy season. I could tell that Edwin was taking pride in his business!

Edwin has repaid his 12-month loan, and just received a second loan to expand his motorbike taxi business. Now he can support his family—including the addition of a 6-month-old son! His hard work is paying off and he is pulling himself and his family out of poverty, one mile at a time. All he needed was a “lift”!

We are blessed to be part of this powerful ministry, and look forward with great anticipation for what the Lord has planned ahead. Thank you for also being a part of this ministry through your generous gifts to the Micro-Loan Fund!


Dan and Terry Steward
Directors, Micro-Loan Fund

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