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It’s worth it. Keo grips this deep conviction tightly each time his motorcycle’s tires slip on the rutted, monsoon-soaked roads that snake through the wild hills and mountains of Northern Laos. During the long hours—sometimes days—of his hazardous journeys, his thoughts often drift into prayer. Prayer for his mission ahead, and prayers for his wife and two young children he’s left at home. He knows the pursuit of his passion might have dire consequences for those he loves.

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Growing on His Path

As the end of 2016 approaches, we are in awe of what God has accomplished in and through the Micro-Loan Ministry (MLM) this year. The MLM not only continues to grow in our number of borrowers and micro-bankers, but also within our own team.

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Compassion in a Tea Cup

Summer here at home for us is winding down; children are returning to school. And as we’ve continued to work with our many micro borrowers around the world these summer months, we’re reminded to thank those of you who’ve given so generously to change the lives of the poor—both economically and spiritually.

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Micro-Loan Ministry

Survival for many of the world's poor depends on a grocery item that may surprise you—charcoal. For most of us, the word conjures up lazy summer days filled with picnics and barbecues, but to poor Africans, who rely on charcoal for preparing meals and, more importantly, for boiling water to avoid diseases like typhoid and cholera, the word means life.

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Another Hero Found

Dan and I recently returned from Uganda, where we were privileged once again to serve the Lord by serving the poor. Our first week started in the city of Entebbe, where we hosted a Small Business Training (SBT) conference for a very special group of parents and a new Heaven's Family micro-banker named Victoria Namusisi. One of our special blessings from God is the partners He joins us with in this work—they are truly modern-day heroes of our faith! Victoria is one such woman of God.

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On the (Dusty) Road to Success

Edwin Wanyonyi is from Saboti, Kenya. When Edwin first received his $730 micro-loan from Heaven's Family, he was barely able to support his wife, mother and two sisters, surviving only on the odd jobs that Edwin could scrounge up. After Edwin received approval of his business plan early in 2014, he used his loan to purchase a motorbike to start a taxi business.

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Micro-Loan Fund

At our very first meeting, I could tell that 20-year-old Kevin Chaya of Kenya had what it takes to succeed in business. He already ran a dry-goods wholesale/retail business, but he needed capital to expand. Believing in his plan—and Kevin's Christian integrity—Heaven's Family granted him what we call an "Opportunity Loan." The results: Within a year, Kevin's business grew 10-fold and employed 3 other poor Kenyans. Kevin repaid his loan 4 months early!

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