Saved by 3 Wheels

Picture of disabled man in India with tricycle
Puram Chand (center) receiving his prized tricycle, thanks to you!

Saved by 3 Wheels

Tricycles bring much-needed mobility to grateful recipients in India

Dear Family,

When you can’t walk, your future is very limited. But sometimes a simple gift can make all the difference. Here’s how Puran Chand’s life was forever impacted by the gift of a tricycle.

When I was a baby, I got polio and both my legs became handicapped. I have some strength only in my right hand. My parents looked after me for all these years, but now they are old. We live in a slum area and come from a poor background.

I used to worry about my future, as I could neither go out nor get any help to come to my home. But today I am so happy that I got this tricycle. Now I can go out of my tiny plastic hut.

I will search for a job now as I can travel with this tricycle. I can easily go from place to place. It has a good hand braking system. Thank you!

Puran’s blessing is the direct result of your donations to the Heaven’s Family’s Disabilities Ministry. Puran and nine others with mobility limitations recently received tricycles. Thank you so much for making a difference in the lives of people with disabilities in India!

Signature of the Director of the Disabilities Ministry

Elisabeth Walker
Director, Disabilities Ministry

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