Touching the Life of Li Xin

30 Apr

Touching the Life of Li Xin

Li Xin wearing his goggles

Dear Friends,

I want to tell you a story of hope that I recently received from a Heaven’s Family partner working in China.

Li Xin doesn’t wear safety goggles for style or sport, or even work. He wears them to protect his eyes from dust…because he no longer has eyelids to do that job. Leprosy not only took Li Xin’s eyelids, but his hands and feet as well. But he lost things even more precious to him.

Before contracting leprosy Li Xin was married with children, but his wife divorced him shortly after he was banished to a leprosy colony. That was fifty years ago. Li Xin’s grown children visit him at that leprosy colony, but only about once a year.

Although leprosy robbed him of his family, Li Xin has recently been adopted into a new family. It was during a recent outreach to his sequestered village by compassionate believers that Li Xin was blessed with food and a wheelchair, in part, because of gifts to Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry Fund. He also heard the good news about God’s love for him, and he responded.

During that same outreach, over 100 other men and women who are afflicted with leprosy were ministered to in three very isolated communities. The team met physical needs with food and wheelchairs, and they served spiritual needs with friendship, prayer and the Word of God. I’m rejoicing that we could touch Li Xin and others in Jesus’ name!

Together with Him,

Carole J. Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry Fund

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