Woman, Widow, Warrior

Picture of children at home in Kenya
Here are the three youngest of Bible’s seven children. These beautiful twins were conceived as a result of rape. They are already gaining weight in their new home!

Woman, Widow, Warrior

Only the Lord could write a story like this!

Dear Family,

Perhaps you heard about a woman named Bible from Sudan, and the extraordinary way in which the Lord provided for her. Here’s the rest of her story.

As I’ve written previously, Bible, a widowed mother of 5 fled war-torn Sudan for what she thought was the safety of a refugee camp. Tragically, she was raped and conceived a set of twins.

Now a widowed mother of 7, Bible and her children were subsisting in dangerous conditions—with very little food to survive on. The Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry learned of this family’s plight and began raising funds to relocate them to Kenya.

Whole family safe in Kenya
Bible (in back) with her 7 children, now thriving in a safe place

Little did anyone know, however, that the Lord was going to use this opportunity to bless not just Bible, but the heart of another widow—across the world—whom He would use in an extraordinary way. Though I usually don’t draw attention to individual donors, I believe this story of the Lord’s provision will encourage and bless you!

Here in the US, a young woman pregnant with her third child recently became a widow. Amidst her grief, she came upon Bible’s story and was deeply moved by the suffering her African sister had endured. “Here is someone who has it so much harder than me,” she thought, and in an act of selfless love, she gave the substantial remaining amount needed to relocate Bible and her children to safety.

Although this warrior for Christ wishes to remain anonymous, she permitted me to inspire you with her choice to make a difference in the profound suffering of a woman across the world. Her third child has been born, and she and her family of 4 continue to walk through the emotions of losing their beloved husband and father. May this opportunity to be used of the Lord in such a moving and powerful way bring healing and provision to this sweet family in the most unexpected of ways. That’s what our Father does so well!

With joy, I share these pictures of Bible and her seven children who have started their new lives in Kenya! They have settled in at Cindi’s Hope in Nairobi, where Bible now assists with daily chores such as laundry and cooking, while her children attend classes each day. Thanks to donors like you, the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry supports Bible financially with a monthly stipend. I’m also thrilled to report that the little twins have already gained weight because of their steady diet of nutrient-rich foods, and the children now sleep in real beds instead of on the cold, hard ground!

On behalf of these and the many women that we serve together, Thank You!

Together for the “least of these,”

Director of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Patty Forney
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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