A Heartbreaking Holiday

Picture of Anastasia, a girl at Cindi's Hope in Kenya

A Heartbreaking Holiday

How you helped turn a tragedy around

Dear Family,

Anastasia wasn’t like many of the girls living at Cindi’s Hope in Kenya. She hadn’t been abused or neglected. Instead, she’d been sent by her mom to receive the excellent education and care that Cindi’s Hope provides for many who are less fortunate.

That all changed when she went home for a visit at the age of 11.

During a few unguarded moments, a neighbor seized a window of evil opportunity to rape Anastasia.

As a partner to the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry, you are probably already aware that Cindi’s Hope is an oasis of love for young girls once victimized by sexual violence. So upon Anastasia’s return to school and her tragic experience shared, she was quickly enveloped in a blanket of love and care. Like the other girls, Anastasia once again thrived in the nurturing environment—one that offers healing from the past and hope—that Cindi’s Hope provides in abundance.

Anastasia with Cindi Mendoza
Anastasia with Cindi Mendoza, founder of Cindi’s Hope

Now 15, Anastasia is happy, healthy, and excelling in her studies—thanks in part to you! Your gifts make all of the difference in the world to Anastasia and so many others like her. Thank you for investing in her life. If you’d like to help restore the lives of other girls like her, please click here.

Together for the “least of these,”

Director of the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

Patty Forney
Director, Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry

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