A Farmer Gets a Farm—Finally

21 Apr

A Farmer Gets a Farm—Finally

Picture of farmer and Farming God's Way trainer in Africa
Joshua, farmer and trainer

A Farmer Gets a Farm—Finally

How your compassion is multiplying fruit in Uganda and heaven

Dear Family,

This month you helped a farmer.

Not an ordinary farmer, however, but a farmer who didn’t have any land. Wait, what? How can you farm without land???

You can’t. And that was a problem.

Joshua is a Farming God’s Way trainer in Uganda. Every year he’d travel around the country helping about 420 subsistence farmers to harvest incredible amounts of produce—amounts that have totally exceeded everyone’s expectations! This training is helping to transform Uganda, both physically and spiritually.

Once incredibly poor, these farmers had to resort to eating everything they grew—until it ran out, typically before the next meager harvest came in. They called it “the hunger season.”

But now, with Joshua’s help, these farmers have enough for the whole year, PLUS an excess harvest to sell so they have money for sending their kids to school and buying other products in the market, AND even some left over to help widows and orphans in their communities! Joshua spends just as much time discipling those farmers by establishing them in God’s Love Groups that function like New Testament house churches.

Hang on, though…Joshua’s efforts are about to explode again because you, a Compassion Club member, just bought Joshua a one-acre plot of land! With this land he can create his own model farm that will enable him to train others more effectively by coming to him to see how it’s done—and let him stay closer to home with his wife and 1-year-old son. In addition, he’ll be growing his own food, so he can become self-sufficient. (The happy family is pictured below!)

Picture of African farmer and family

Thank you so much for sowing land into the hands of this skilled farmer and disciple maker. The fruit that comes from your compassion will far exceed what can be grown on that one acre!

David Servant

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