It Changed My Life!

17 Mar

It Changed My Life!

Picture of kids eating healthy meals in Kenya
Lunchtime at the Center—hot healthy meals for the children and mothers who would otherwise eat out of the garbage

It Changed My Life!

How you’ve transformed lives in a Kenyan garbage dump

Dear Family,

“Being at the program changed my life!” says Naomie. Before we reached her, Naomie and her three daughters had been scrounging out their survival for two years at a Kenyan garbage dump. Back then, she recalled, Naomie and the children went hungry most weeks; sometimes they would have nothing to eat for a whole day and night.

But things changed for Naomie because this garbage dump is where our dedicated ministry partners are working to advance the kingdom of God through a Christian feeding and vocational training program. Naomie became connected to the program in 2019. The family was provided with food, and Naomie learned sewing and tailoring skills. She worked hard and learned quickly. Now she can manage money and runs her own little tailor business. All three girls are enrolled in school. The family is being discipled and learning about the love of Jesus.

Picture of Naomi and her girls
Naomie and her three girls

In similar fashion, many other families are discovering the love of Jesus as they are discipled, trained, enrolled in school, and raised up out of the garbage dump life—all thanks to you. Your continued support makes it happen. Thank you so much for changing lives through Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry.

Director of the Food Ministry

Diane Scott

Director, Food Ministry

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