June Compassion Club Newsletter

03 Jun

June Compassion Club Newsletter

Picture of Sherleen, student at a Heaven's Family supported schoolSherleen is one of the two hundred students that attend a Heaven’s Family supported school.

Dear Family,

Meet Sherleen. She loves attending school. But recently, she has missed valuable classroom time. Heavy seasonal rains caused several classrooms at her school to collapse. The school building, constructed of mud brick (a cultural building style in rural areas), cannot withstand the amount of water that hits it. So Sherleen and her classmates will be stuck at home for a few weeks until reconstruction is complete.

But little does Sherleen know that this particular time is exceptionally different…

Picture of damaged classroomAt left, damage caused to a classroom from the heavy rains; At right, 1 of the 11 newly constructed classrooms.

Thanks to your compassion, this is going to be the very last time the students will miss school due to heavy rains! They will be returning to three, brand-new classrooms with brick walls and cement floors!

Thank you so much for your compassion!

Elisabeth Walker
Compassion Club Coordinator

P.S. I sincerely apologize you haven’t heard from the Compassion Club in a couple of months! I want to reassure you that your donations have made a difference, we are just behind in getting an update to you. I have included links to several other backlogged updates at the bottom of this email, for you to enjoy at your leisure. Great things are being accomplished because of YOU!

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