Postcard from China 2

28 Apr

Postcard from China 2

One of our new friends at the lepers’ village

Dear Friends,

We had some challenges reaching a second HF project that I wanted to visit in Yunnan Province. Taking the only highway to our destination, we arrived at a road block where ten soldiers were stationed. They told us the road was closed for construction, but it would be re-opened in eight hours! So we returned to the city of our origin and then returned seven hours later to wait with hundreds of other cars and trucks. When the road was re-opened, it was pandemonium.

Our destination was several hours away—a remote, mountain-top leper colony where students from my friend’s Bible School have been regularly serving with help from Heaven’s Family. Those students have won incredible favor during their visits, bringing much-needed food, blankets and clothing, and hearts are opening to Jesus in an otherwise hopeless place. Many of the thirty or so residents have lived in their sequestered village for decades. No one else visits them. Foreign visitors are forbidden, so we took precautions to stay under the radar. I’ll share more details in a future article in our magazine.

I’m off next to China’s northeast corner which shares a border with North Korea. We have more projects there that I’ll tell you about when I’m safely on my way back home. Below are a few photos of some of our new friends at the lepers’ village, a place that defies description. Our Lord died for them all. Thanks again for your prayers.



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  • jerryldavis

    My prayers are with you always. Godspeed & The Lord Watch Over & Protect

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