Poverty-Busting Chickens

21 Nov

Poverty-Busting Chickens

Picture of micro-borrower with chicken business

Poverty-Busting Chickens

How you’ve helped hatch economic freedom

Dear Family,

Pictured here is Chan—a microloan beneficiary. While many people and businesses around the world have struggled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chan’s business of raising and selling chickens has continued to thrive, thanks to the microloan that you helped provide him!

You’ve helped some of the most desperate start or rebuild their businesses as economies have begun to reopen. Thank you for partnering with Heaven’s Family’s Microloan Ministry in this divine endeavor.

And thank you for breaking generational chains of poverty in the mighty name of Jesus!

Picture of the director of the microloan ministry

Steve Sifa
Director, Microloan Ministry


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