Rising from the Rubble

25 Jun

The home of Raj Kumar, leprosy patient in Nepal, after last year’s massive earthquake

Rising from the Rubble

Two leprosy-affected families receive help rebuilding their lives

Dear Friends,

The people of Nepal are still reeling from the April 2015 earthquake and its aftershocks. Untold thousands of homes crumbled; and so did the lives of many, including those of leprosy patients who already lived on the teetering, thin edge of existence where mere survival is a challenge. Help has been pouring in, however, and Heaven’s Family’s Leprosy Ministry continues to play a key role. Last summer we were able to raise $5,000 to rebuild a home with a toilet for one multi-generational family.

Our leprosy mission partner reports:

The construction work for the Raj Kumar Pahari family has now been completed. This family of six had been affected by a devastating flood even before the earthquake, and had been forced to live divided up between neighbors for shelter. Mr.Pahari also suffers from the disability of his leprosy and had virtually lost all hope for his family being united after the earthquake. The provision of funds by generous donors enabled this family to rebuild their home…. The family members of Raj Kumar are very happy to live together again under one roof…

Raj’s rebuilt home, thanks to Heaven’s Family

Having received this good news, and knowing of many other leprosy families still in desperate need, the Leprosy Ministry succeeded in raising another $5,000 to start reconstruction of another home for a leprosy-affected man named Krishna, his wife and three children. We sent the funds to rebuild their house a few months ago so they too would have shelter before the monsoon rains began this summer. Due to his badly deformed limbs, Krishna has been forced to depend on his wife’s small income for survival. They also lack access to safe drinking water and other basic necessities. Please pray for them.

Thank you, compassionate friends, for your valuable assistance in helping to rebuild, one family at a time, the devastated lives of these humble people. They are grateful to the Lord, and those of you who gave, for this new lease on life.

Together with Him,

Carole Collins
Director, Leprosy Ministry

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