Fleeing with Firas

20 Jul

At left, Firas when he was about one month old; at right, at three months, you can see he is a beautiful and healthy little man!

Fleeing with Firas

How the needs of a baby help showcase God’s goodness and mercy

Dear Friends,

More than two years ago, a young family fled from ISIS-controlled areas near Syria’s border with Turkey until they reached the safety of neighboring Lebanon. With no job or even temporary employment, this family relied on a small voucher from the U.N. to survive. But it wasn’t enough to provide food and also pay the rent for the tiny plot of land on which their tent was pitched. And their limited diet wasn’t enough to provide the mother of a one-month-old baby boy named Firas with the nourishment she needed to nurse him, nor the quantity of milk his little body craved.

Happily, Heaven’s Family’s Refugee Ministry has purchased formula and vitamins for Firas and his mother for one year, in addition to some clothing.

How thankful this mother and father are for your love and compassion for their baby boy! The mother of Firas testified that it has been those in the Christian community who have consistently kept their promises to help them in their troubles.

I can’t fully imagine the turmoil these Syrian refugees are enveloped in, nor what it’s like to have no real hope for their future. But I thank God for the chance to demonstrate the love of Christ to this family in their hour of need. It is a divine appointment for sure, and I’m confident the Lord is using the faithfulness of His people to reveal Himself to this and other needy families!

Thank you for your love,

Becky Servant
Director, Refugee Ministry

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