A polio-inflicted believer who received a small welding machine from HF and turned it into a successful 5-man shop

Dear Friends,

Every month Heaven’s Family empowers people with disabilities by providing mobility and employment that they would not have access to otherwise. I love to see when a man, who hasn’t left his home in years, finally is able to go to town and get groceries for himself using a hand-propelled tricycle. Or, to see a polio-affected woman be able to provide for her daughter’s needs without handouts because she now has a job that she can work despite her physical limitations.

It is my desire in 2014 to help even more of our brothers and sisters in Christ with disabilities discover that they are worthwhile, and that the skills of perseverance that helped them survive a lifetime of mockery, abuse, depression and severe poverty are the same skills that make them amazing employees and entrepreneurs.

From mobility to micro-loans, we are finding that for just a few hundred dollars we can make small but long-lasting changes in their lives. The great news is that, after these changes, we are finding that their personalities and hard work ethic make them ideal employees…and they often outperform their non-disabled counterparts!

Here is a brief testimonial of the hard work displayed by a disabled brother:

“Samual is very faithful and is paying back his loan well, in fact he is the best borrower that I have ever had!”

And about a sister in Kenya:

“She is doing fabulous; the other employees have asked why we did not consider hiring those with disabilities sooner.”

On behalf of the beneficiaries of your compassion, I thank you for helping them realize that God has a plan for their lives and that they are truly capable of doing great things.

Because of Him,

CJ McDaniel
Director, Christians with Disabilities Fund

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