The Milk Ministry

27 Oct

Image of prisoner in Rwanda receiving milkMilk is served personally to each sick prisoner. You allow the team to be God’s hand in difficult circumstances.

The Milk Ministry

A cup of fresh milk brings hope and a loving presence to needy prisoners in Rwanda

Dear Family,

Through Heaven’s Family’s Food Ministry you’ve enabled our dedicated ministry partner in Rwanda to continue to faithfully minister to sick and dying prisoners. Their work is called the “milk ministry” because the milk is so important to the sick prisoners. The team regularly comes three times a week to visit the sick, old, and destitute in the prison hospital. Some are too ill to eat, but the milk helps them regain life and strength. The prisoners open up about their problems and are open to hearing about Jesus.

Our partner says of the prison milk ministry, “Often this is the first milk many of these people have tasted in up to 20 years or more. It is a huge event, blessed, like communion.”

On behalf of all the hospitalized prisoners, thank you for visiting them through the milk ministry!

Image of the director of the Food Ministry

Diane Scott
Director, Food Ministry

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