A Village Story


A Village Story

When you start asking missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick about the many children who live at "The Village," be prepared to be shocked by some of their stories. The abuse that some of them have suffered before coming to the Village is almost beyond imagination.

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Mudslide Setbacks

Greetings from Puebla State in Central Mexico, where Heaven's Family has been partnered for years with amazing missionaries Jason and Nicole Fitzpatrick. I've been with them numerous times over those years, visiting the many churches they've planted among poor descendants of Mexico's original Aztec people and meeting the "least of these" whom they serve. That includes orphans, sexually-exploited children whom they've rescued and raised, widows, the handicapped, and recovering drug addicts.

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New and Improved!

It has been a full year since your generous donations went towards providing a new dormitory for the girls at a missionary school in Myanmar—a blessing that also allows the director of the missionary school and his family to move into the dorm previously occupied by the students, saving the rent they had to pay each month for their former home.

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Something Much Better than Cardboard

What could be worse than children living in the streets? No home, no bed, no protection from the elements—and worse, no protection from those who would snatch them in the night to sell them to human traffickers.

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Children of the Murdered and the Murderers

Before you begin reading what follows, first take a look at the above photo. It shows two cute little Rwandan girls, sitting together at a shared desk in a typical African classroom. Their names are Rémi, age 8, and Chance, age 11, and they are inseparable best friends.

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Drinking with the Animals

The next time you turn on your faucet for a glass of water, think about the 976 citizens of a small community in Maasai Mara, Kenya. They currently have two options—walk 4 miles to a contaminated well from which several have been reported to have contracted typhoid, or walk to a small reservoir of muddy water that is also shared by local animals.

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For Whom Should You Vote? Part 1

It is said the wise avoid discussions about religion and politics. The reason is because people can be passionate, and thus unbending, about religious and political convictions, and the inevitable consequence of heated discussions is broken friendships.

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Audio Adrenaline!

"Turn around and go home!" Hua Yang* screamed repeatedly. She spoke with a strange voice that was all-too-familiar to her husband, Chun, who was clutching the steering wheel. More than 3 hours of driving remained, but Chun endured her frequent outbursts in the hope that, once they arrived, the Christians he'd learned about would succeed at doing what doctors and witches had failed at—delivering his wife from the evil spirit that tormented her, and from her chronic illness.

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A 19-Year Prayer Answered

"There was only one Bible in our whole church [congregation]." For Pastor K. Ningpao, that was a serious limitation not only to his own growth as a believer, but also to his ability to lead his people, who belong to the Naga tribe located in northwestern Myanmar.

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