The Blue Book


Seconds from Eternity

"I love you." With those words, Ashok ended the most difficult letter he'd ever written. His wife, Lakshi, would read it soon after his suicide. Ashok's poignant farewell was no pretense. He loved Lakshi deeply and would do anything for her. Several years earlier she had developed chronic bleeding—like the biblical woman healed when she touched Jesus' robe. Desperate to find a cure for the love of his life, Ashok spent all he had on doctors, medicines, and Hindu idols. None helped. Lakshi grew steadily weaker.

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Jungle Book

His parents raised him to be a Christian, and he'd been attending church faithfully for 36 years. He sensed, however, a spiritual void in his life, and something told him that what he needed could be found in the Bible. So That Nuai took his Bible and journeyed deep into the neighboring jungle where nothing could distract him. For seven days he read God's Word, and the "jungle book" did its work in him. When he emerged a week later, he was a changed man, a true believer in the Lord Jesus Christ, born again by the Holy Spirit. That was 50 years ago, and it was the beginning of That Nuai's incredible journey.

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When I first read Samuel's report, I had to read it again to make sure I hadn't misunderstood it. Could it really be true that a Roman Catholic bishop had just requested 400 copies of The Disciple-Making Minister? Nuns would be using it for their daily devotions? In our January magazine, we told you about Samuel, a Pakistani pastor who came to Christ from a Muslim background. When he discovered David Servant's pastor-training manual, The Disciple-Making Minister, on our website in his native language of Urdu, he printed out all 500 pages. Then he began using it to teach his Bible school students.

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Problem Pastor

Today our team drove into the mountains of Burundi to visit some Heaven's Family-sponsored national missionaries, distribute food to some very poor believers, place a chlorine-generating water purifier in a village where the water is making almost everyone sick, meet some micro-loan beneficiaries, and interview church planters who need bicycles to take the gospel further. We also met a pastor whom I inadvertently caused to lose his job. His name is Gregoire Bizimana. Let me tell you the story.

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Daniel’s Dilemma

Kenyan pastor Daniel Wanzala was in trouble. The leaders of his denomination were not happy with the reports they'd been hearing about his church. So they summoned him to explain. It all began when Pastor Daniel attended a leadership conference in the town of Kitale, taught by David Servant. What he heard that day was difficult for him to accept, because it contradicted some of his own beliefs and practices. Yet it had all been backed up with Scripture. So he faced a dilemma: Would he cling to his tradition or submit to the truth of God's Word?

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