You’re changing lives. Thank you!

30 Mar

You’re changing lives. Thank you!

You’re changing lives. Thank you!

A brief look at the lives you’ve touched over the past few months

Dear Family,

It’s time to catch you up with all the incredible things your Compassion Club investments have been accomplishing:

November — RWANDA

Your investment was infused into the Farming God’s Way Ministry to:

– Provide a motorbike for FGW trainers in Rwanda (these trainers are orphans from the Rwandan genocide and are training poor subsistence farmers in villages that, by the power of the gospel, are miraculously reconciling the murderers from the genocide with the families of their victims)

– Provide general support to help cover day-to-day expenses to keep 11 FGW trainers in 5 countries on the road teaching and discipling FGW farmers


You received a letter from David explaining how your investment was being used to help our year-end Matching Gift Challenge, and ultimately divided evenly between all of our 19 Focused Ministries.

January — INDIA and DR CONGO

This month, your investment was split between two of our Focused Ministries, the Leprosy Ministry and the Food Ministry.

– The Leprosy Ministry: You helped send 6 children from leprosy-affected families in India to high school for a year. They’ve completed their primary education and will be the first in their families to ever attend high school! This is a huge achievement, because healthy children of those with leprosy are also ostracized by Indian society.

– The Food Ministry: You helped provide 1 year of consistent, balanced lunches of rice, beans and vegetables for 40 children of ladies who are receiving vocational training at the Ladies of Hope Center in the DR Congo. These precious children are attending a primary school they just opened.

February — SYRIA and KENYA

This month, your investment was again split between two of our Focused Ministries, the Persecuted Christians Ministry and the Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry.

– The Persecuted Christians Ministry: ISIS has forced thousands of Christian families to renounce their faith in Jesus or face death. Many choose to leave all they have to escape to Damascus, one of the last remaining strongholds in Syria. Even there, bombings are a constant threat. Gabriel is an onsite partner able to bring emergency survival aid and discipleship each month to many of these hurting families. But Gabriel can’t do it alone. He needs our help to purchase the basic necessities of life for these refugees, and provide safe transport so he can offer hope to those living in constant fear. You helped to provide 3 months of life-sustaining aid and discipleship to persecuted Syrian Christian families.

– The Victims of Sexual Violence Ministry: In Kenya, at a very special residential school for children who come from horrific backgrounds of abuse and neglect, you helped provide 2 water storage tanks, new lighting for the women to sew, and new textbooks.

I’m looking forward to seeing all the precious lives you impact in the rest of 2018. You’re a blessing to many! Thank you for your Compassion Club membership.

In Christ,

Jody Walker
Compassion Club Coordinator

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