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Free Books are Freeing Iranians

Every Spring, during the New Years holiday in Iran, a partner of the Strategic Bibles Ministry (along with a team of Iranian evangelists) hits the streets of popular vacation spots to hand out thousands of New Testament copies to unsaved Iranians—many of whom are Muslim.

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“I’ve Been Looking for This!”

Last March while Iranians celebrated Norouz, a Farsi word for the Persian New Year, a team of Iranian evangelists conducted a two-week campaign spreading the gospel and distributing New Testaments paid for by the Strategic Bibles Ministry.

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Partying with the Lions

As a follower of Christ converted from Islam, Nafees no longer was interested in celebrating the birthday of that religion’s founder, Muhammad, but accepted his friend’s invitation to the traditional event in hopes of one day reaching him for Christ.

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“We were at the point of divorce”

What a wonderful feeling it is to know you’ve helped a fellow Christian grow spiritually. Esbeydi (above at left), a believer in Mexico, received a Spanish copy of David Servant’s popular book, The Disciple-Making Minister (Spanish is just one of 32 translations of this popular book), and it helped save her marriage!

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