David Servant takes you to the unreached mountain villages of Burma…


David Servant takes you to the unreached mountain villages of Burma…

This month, I'd like to share with you a need of a dear friend who is laying his life down to train missionaries to reach hundreds of Burmese villages with the Good News. Burma (also known as Myanmar) is a mostly Buddhist nation in Southeast Asia whose 60,000+ villages are strewn across breathtaking mountain ranges, wide valleys, and fertile deltas. Many of the villages are only accessible on motorbike—or days of hiking on foot. When I've visited some of these villages, I have often been the first person with white skin they had ever seen!

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No Turning Back

Manoj Kumara is a Heaven’s Family-supported national missionary (currently unsponsored at the time of this writing) ministering in remote villages in Sri Lanka. His motto is “No turning back” and his heart beats for discipleship and church-planting in places that have never heard about Jesus before.

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Bow down… or else!

Meenu was a good employee, but her new boss required her to do something she just couldn't do. Before the 21-year-old young woman surrendered her life to Christ, her compliance would have been simple. But now she was different.

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Telling it on the Mountain

The vast majority of Nepal's citizens either worship some of the 330,000,000 (yes, that's 330 million, plus or minus a few) gods and goddesses of Hinduism, follow the teachings of Buddha, or worship the animals, rocks, trees or spirits of their ancestors. That's a grim statistic that breaks the hearts of Timothy Rai and Anosh Ghale, two Heaven's Family national missionaries.

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Struck, Shoved and Threatened

"Ghar Vapasi" means return home in Hindi. It sounds like a nice idea, but it’s the name taken by a fanatical Hindu movement in India that seeks to reconvert all the people who’ve left Hinduism in recent years. And it’s getting violent.

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National Missionary Fund

A small but growing army marched forth into the harvest in 2014, thanks to those who partnered with our National Missionary Fund. Last year, the ranks of Heaven's Family's spiritual soldiers increased to 52! They are on the front lines in China, Cuba, India, Kenya, Mexico, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe.

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The Rumors are True

We must remove your womb soon or you will die. Those words marked the beginning of Sumana's slide into despair. The doctors admitted there was little they could do to stop the advanced cancer that was growing inside her, not even with the radical surgery they were recommending.

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Don’t Forget the Skulls!

"We need to burn everything...so don't forget to dig up the skulls!" Mariano Cruz Garrido had given his heart completely to Jesus. Now he was ready to deal with his past once and for all. Mariano grew up in Tlatlapanala, a small town nestled in Mexico's eastern mountains. Although his mother, Candelaria, taught him the ways of the Lord since his birth, Mariano never had a father to affirm and model his mother's teaching. Other male role models in his life were less than virtuous. By age 15, Mariano had been lured into the dark world of witchcraft, still very common throughout Latin America.

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From 0 to 25 in under 4 months!

In August, Ashok heard about Ajala*, a village 16 miles away that was so isolated that no roads went there—only foot paths. He also learned that no one in that village of very low caste families that work as field laborers knew about Jesus. The Lord burdened Ashok with their lost state, and he began praying for them. Soon he knew that he must also go.

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