Stephen’s 2015 Video Report: In My Words


Stephen’s 2015 Video Report: In My Words

In January, each of Heaven's Family's 21 Focused Ministry Directors gave a short, 10-minute presentation about their accomplishments in 2015 and their upcoming goals for 2016. We're excited about what the Lord has done, and what He has in store for the remainder of this year!

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110 Thank Yous

It was an emotional, humbling moment. Never before in my 6-plus years as the director of Heaven's Family's Disaster Relief Ministry had I seen such an outpouring of gratitude. My wife, Karin and I were visiting St. Joseph's Christian School last November to check on those we had helped following the terrible earthquake that struck Nepal in April 2015. The school is strategically located in a predominantly Hindu village just outside the capital city of Kathmandu, and has been faithfully shining the light of Christ to its students and their families for many years. The school is known to be Christian, but many Hindu families send their children there because of the school's reputation for excellence.

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Cold, Homeless and Unreached…Until Now

Did you know that during the last 20 years the largest human migration in history has taken place—and hardly anyone in the outside world knew about it? This migration took place in China, when hundreds of millions of people left their home villages in the countryside to seek employment and a better life in big cities. The city where our training is based—centrally located in a region that contains hundreds of unreached people groups—witnessed a huge influx of people from the surrounding countryside. These are people who have no knowledge of Jesus, and no viable church among them.

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Upping Upendo’s Scores

How do you make one of the worst schools in Kenya into one of the best? The answer is deceptively simple—you give each student their own book. Caso Upendo Primary School formerly had only one book per class. But thanks to all who sponsor children through the Education Ministry, the school now has a book for every girl and boy! That change has resulted in the school's average test scores jumping by a whopping 60%! And one student scored in the top percentile of the whole nation!

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Better than English?

I'm excited to announce that members of a house church in Uganda are now reading their own Bibles in their native language---thanks to your gifts to the Strategic Bibles Ministry. The following correspondence, which I received from a Heaven's Family partner who distributed the Bibles on our behalf, reveals one sister's gratitude.

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Nine Grateful Girls

My heart was stolen a year ago when I met 9 precious young girls who were rescued from warring Dinka and Nuer tribes in the newly formed South Sudan, Africa. Each of them carries a horrific story about losing their families and becoming orphans less than 2 years ago. They were made to witness atrocities that no child should ever see.

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Wonders for Warda (and Her Wee Sisters!)

I first met Warda and her sisters one year ago during my visit to a place called Cindi's Hope in Nairobi, Kenya. I learned in the months prior about how these beautiful girls were rescued from horrific circumstances in the Eastleigh slums of Nairobi, and of how Warda had been violated such that she trusted no one, causing her to shy away from contact with any adult. My heart broke for them.

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How to Soften a Mother’s Heart

Cambodia is a nation with a dark past, but a bright future. We're hearing this optimism repeated over and over these two weeks as we visit many of the projects you are involved with here through the Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry. But this hopefulness doesn't come from the nation's political process, which is awash in corruption. Instead, it comes from poor, marginalized people who are working hard to make something of their lives—and they're finding opportunities like never before, thanks to Heaven's Family and many other organizations working in concert to end human trafficking and slavery in this Southeast Asian country.

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Water flowing freely in Khawpui Chipp

Khawpui Chipp is a rural Christian village in the remote mountains of Myanmar, populated by Falam and Mizo tribal groups. Two miles from the village a well and cistern were installed to access an underground mountain water source. The villagers provided the labor to dig trenches and laid PVC piping to bring the safe, clean water directly to their village, where it is stored in a second cistern.

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A Tip that Turned Manuel

"Will you take him in?" the social worker asked. "His mother is in jail and his stepfather [in reality his mom's live-in boyfriend] won't take him," she continued. Nicole, our Heaven's Family missionary to Mexico agreed, as she usually does…God will provide are the words she lives by. The social worker had received a tip earlier about a little boy living on the streets, and knew that Nicole had a soft heart, and hopefully a bed.

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