How You Make Hope Real For Women

Picture of wedding in Mexico

Three Weddings—and a Baptism—on a Shoestring

Three wonderful weddings. The weather was perfect and over 300 guests arrived to watch three of our young men—a national missionary and two of our Village sons—marry their beautiful brides…

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Picture of Hung Maung at Loknu Orphanage

Presumed Dead

Hung Maung didn't know where his brother was, where his mother was, or even where he came from. Aside from being labeled an "orphan," the boy had no identity, value, or anyone who loved him. He was all alone and had no hope of finding his family—if he still had one.

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Representative photo of undercover missionary, Nora

Her Reputation Precedes Her

“What was I doing wrong?” As a Pakistani Imam (leader of the local Muslim mosque), Ahmed’s authority rested on his ability to display spiritual power. So why couldn’t he cast out the demon tormenting the daughter of the desperate couple that had sought his help?

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Picture of Leprosy-afflicted patients in D.R. Congo receiving supplies

A Bed of Rock

"Why can't they donate these nice gifts to us, instead of wasting them on worthless people?" This was the complaint uttered by occupants of the Mugunga IDP (Internally Displaced People) Camp outside of Goma, DR Congo. The "worthless people" they referred to are leprosy-affected families living in the camp, who are forced to live in isolation, as well as abject poverty, within the camp.

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Behind the Scenes with David Servant

I have not written a "Behind the Scenes" article for our magazine since January of 2016, so it's about time I catch you up on some of the good things that have been happening at Heaven's Family since then.

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