Christine’s Smile Tells Her Healing Story

Image of leprosy victim

The Touching Story of Angeline, the Untouchable

Meet Angeline, a joyful 70-year-old woman living in India. When Angeline was in her early twenties and newly married, she was diagnosed with leprosy. Sadly, as soon as her husband and family learned about her diagnosis, they considered her untouchable and expelled her from the family. They were afraid of the disease and the stigma surrounding it.

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Image of woman receiving aid

Light in the Darkness

Your support has brought light to a communist-controlled island off the coast of Florida (for security reasons, we cannot disclose the name). The communities that live under this extreme communist regime are crippled by poverty with little hope of a better life. Due to COVID lockdowns, many already struggling families were on the brink of starvation. But through your generosity, we were able to provide essential food and medicine to some of the neediest individuals across the island.

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Going Bananas at School

James's parents died when he was a baby. Since then, his grandmother has been providing for him. She is elderly, though, and has struggled to earn enough money to keep her grandson's tummy full.

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Image of missionary sharing the gospel with deaf students

Ears To Hear

Jenni is one of Heaven’s Family’s national missionaries in Nepal. One day while she was traveling in the city of Pokhara, she saw a man gesturing with his hands to communicate. She had never known any deaf people, nor had she ever seen someone communicating in sign language. In Nepal, deaf people are generally marginalized.

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