Dumpster Babies


Milk Mustache Outbreak

In Goma, DR Congo, once-destitute ladies and their children are being fed physically and spiritually, learning marketable skills through a food-for-learning program directed by brother-in-Christ Simeon Mahunga, our ministry partner in Goma. - See more at: http://blog.heavensfamily.org/?p=2419&preview=true&preview_id=2419&preview_nonce=d4691f9693#sthash.ka7GrzDa.dpuf

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Tres Hermanos

When Raul, Beto and Edgar first arrived at The Village in Puebla, Mexico, they were very malnourished, and their bellies were swollen and sore due to worms. The tres hermanos (3 brothers) each had a different father, and their mother was too irresponsible to provide them with proper care.

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Sex for Food

The Food Fund helps people who are desperate. Desperation can creep stealthily in, such as during a prolonged drought, come crashing in as a result of a flood, earthquake, typhoon or war, or infect generations due to endemic poverty. It also comes at the hands of evil men and women who steal the innocence of children to profit from their bodies in the modern, worldwide slave market for sex and labor.

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Food Fund

Eight years ago, Pauline's parents were killed during Kenya's election violence, from which she still carries physical and emotional scars. There is some good news, however, because Pauline gave her heart to Jesus last year, and although she lives in Nairobi's indescribable Mathare slum, she attends a Christian school there. Each school day, she and over 500 other children receive milk to supplement their meager diets, thanks to Heaven's Family's Food Fund. The promise of daily body-strengthening milk helps motivate Pauline and all the other children to not miss a day of school. And better nutrition means better learning.

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The Sacrifices of Saints

I thought at the time, some 15 years ago, that my daily radio broadcast was a failure. The church I was pioneering in Pittsburgh had paid thousands of dollars to buy months of airtime on our local Christian radio station. I taught for 15 minutes every day about repentance and true faith in Jesus. As a result, people were staying away from my church in droves. A few listeners even wrote the station manager, asking that my broadcast be canceled. I was "preaching a works gospel" they said.

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The Chicken Chicks

It never ceases to amaze me. Just when I think there can't be a more difficult set of circumstances that poor believers live through year after year, God pulls back the curtain that surroun ds the Disneyland-like world in which I live. And then He introduces me to a few more among the "least of these" whose hardships I could not have imagined.

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Hungry in Haiti

Wherever Heaven's Family staff members travel around the world, we often encounter very poor families who don't have enough to eat, something that is unfamiliar to most of us who live in developed nations. The causes of food insecurity vary. Whether because of a natural disaster, a barely-functioning economy, greedy political leaders, foolish economic policy, war, or the death of a family's primary wage earner, hunger always breaks our hearts. What if it were us in such a situation? we ask ourselves.

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