Lifting Holy Hands

Women from Ghouta worshipping King Jesus

Lifting Holy Hands

Inside Syria, for several years, Heaven’s Family's Refugee Ministry has been providing food parcels for 100 extremely vulnerable families in partnership with a local church. The pastor has shared this report with us.

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Picture of girl with clubfoot in Uganda

Unwanted No More

Born with club foot and deformed hands, Margaret started life abandoned at a church in Uganda. Many attempts to track down her parents or relatives were unsuccessful. They simply didn't want her.

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Picture of leprosy-affected patients in Goma

Not Sleeping on Lava

Can you imagine the challenges of not only living with the debilitating effects of leprosy, but also having to sleep on a floor of volcanic lava rock with little to cushion your ravaged body? Such is the plight of a community of leprosy patients, many of them aging. They live outside Goma, DR Congo, on top of the hardened aftermath of a volcanic eruption that occurred several decades ago. Much of the city was covered by the lava flow, causing many to move or rebuild in innovative ways.

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Refugees in DR Congo lifting hands

Hands Lifted High

In Goma, DR Congo, the community of internally displaced persons where Heaven's Family's Refugee Ministry is working is so thankful for your love and compassion. You've helped provide lifesaving necessities through your support! The many families and children have this message for you.

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Picture of micro-borrower with chicken business

Poverty-Busting Chickens

Pictured here is Chan—a microloan beneficiary. While many people and businesses around the world have struggled due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Chan's business of raising and selling chickens has continued to thrive, thanks to the microloan that you helped provide him!

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Picture refugees in DR Congo using washing station during COVID-19

Not Forgotten

The women who find healing at the Women's Hope Center in the DR Congo are single, elderly, with and without children, widowed or abandoned. They have one thing in common: they all arrived destitute with no hope, but are trying to learn skills to support themselves and their families.

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Picture of Don Riker in a leprosy colony in South India

American friend gets infected

The following is the testimony of Don Riker, a dear brother and colaborer in the fight against leprosy and its social stigmas. His words are a powerful testimony to the determination of a man of God who sacrificed his health for the "least of these."

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