Grinding out a living

Image of borrowers with coffee machine

Grinding out a living

Margaret and her husband Silas, like many others, have been struggling to support themselves and their family through the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown has caused many problems for their family as Silas has been unable to earn a reliable income through his taxi business.

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Picture of Daniel, a refugee from Kenya

Not a Quitter

The South Sudanese village where five-year-old Daniel Maketh lived was attacked by the militia. Daniel's mother, father, and relatives were killed, all in one tragic day. Daniel was left alone to care for himself.

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Magdalene's charcoal business in Kenya - Microloan Ministry

Back in Business

Unlike its neighboring country Uganda, Kenya has come out of lockdown and is resuming a somewhat normal existence. As businesses reopen and life returns to normal, there are opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to rebuild their lives.

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Picture of leprosy-affected victim in Kenya

A Loving Touch for the Untouchable

Anjelina was born in Tanzania. When she discovered she had leprosy, her family instantly rejected her. She traveled all the way to Kenya to get treatment and moved into a leprosy colony there. Because no one would give her a job, she had no option but to beg at the nearest town, which was a 15-mile walk. When the coronavirus pandemic struck and lockdowns were enforced, Anjelina had no one to beg from.

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Picture of Bahije receiving supplies

Saved and Healed

My name is Bahije. After my husband was killed in the war, I fled Ghouta (an Al-Qaeda stronghold) and settled with my four children in another village in Syria. Our situation was extremely difficult, so I rented a small room without any utilities just to have a roof over our heads. But I couldn’t work because I was sick, and I couldn’t find a place to take my children so I could start working.

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Santosh in India standing two prosthetic legs

Standing Again

The light has returned to Santosh’s eyes, and his prospects for a fulfilling life have been restored! Santosh married his sweetheart on April 23. He waited a long time for this opportunity.

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Lydia in her shop in Kenya after receiving the microloan

Still in Business

As Kenya goes through yet another wave of COVID-19 shutdowns, many continue to struggle economically. However, the perpetual benefits of your investments in Heaven’s Family's Microloan Ministry continue to multiply!

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