Motorcycle in the Night


Motorcycle in the Night

Paul hesitated at the sound of an approaching motocycle in the night, feeling a flood of fear threatening to overwhelm him. It could mean only one thing, he thought—the authorities had learned of the secret meeting of believers he was preparing to lead, and that the police were sent to arrest them all. The government has increased its persecution and believers are being fined for their beliefs.

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Picture of hurricane Dorian victims in Haiti

“Help us, Jesus!”

I tried to imagine what it would be like to endure a Category 5 hurricane generating 185 mph sustained winds, dumping 3 feet of rain, and pushing a wall of seawater over 20 feet tall across the island, submerging all but a few small areas of high ground, incessantly pounding everything in its path to shreds—and even moving large cement block homes hundreds of feet off their foundations. Most trees were uprooted or snapped off; those that remained were barren, leafless skeletons.

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Picture of child reunified with family in Myanmar

Betrayed by My Parents

Marn Shel Nu and her son greeted me at the door. I didn't need a DNA test to see they were related. We removed our sandals, a Myanmar tradition, before entering their small wooden hut. After introducing myself, I asked Marn Shel Nu to tell me her story.

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Picture of reunified family in Myanmar

Encouraging Progress!

"I remember saying, 'If we can get just 50 children back into families, I'll be satisfied.'" Joney Thawng Hup reflected as he and I reminisced over coffee and Oreos in Yangon, Myanmar about our first efforts to return orphanage kids to their families back in 2015.

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Picture of inmates at prison in Kenya

Growing Farmers from Inmates

I’d never expected to be preaching in a prison all the way in Africa, but there I was, telling a bunch of incarcerated kids about my story, and how Jesus rescued me. But what does Farming God’s Way have to do with those in prison?

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Raining cats and dogs picture

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs!

Remember the saying, “It’s raining cats and dogs”? That happens often during Nepal's rainy season, which begins every year in June and runs for 4 months. The rice and other crops that sustain the Nepali people depend on the rainy season.

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Picture of devastation from the Bahamas (Getty Images)

Responding to Disaster in the Bahamas

I’m sure you’ve watched in horror the media’s coverage of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Dorian this week in the Bahamas. Although known as a tourist destination and getaway for the rich, the vast majority of the Bahamian people, scattered across many of the 700 islands that make up that nation, are very poor and without the means to recover on their own.

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