The Gospel Arrives at Mpembe

Picture of impoverished boys in Cameroon

The Gospel Arrives at Mpembe

Today our motorized canoe took us on a two-hour trip downriver, all along a stretch of the Ngkoko where Bomwali people live in small, scattered settlements. During Colonial times, their ancestors fled from their ancestral home village in Congo to escape capture and slavery by European settlers, and they adapted to the isolated life that still characterizes them today. That isolation has kept them beyond the reach of the gospel—until just recently.

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Picture of elder of A-Che tribe in China

In Comes Jesus, Out Goes Fear

“Believe in the Lord Jesus and you will be saved. You and your household.” While we see a promise for each individual in this verse from Acts 16:31, we also see that God’s missionary heart is for whole family units and relational structures.

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Picture of girl in Cameroon holding glass of safe water

Bomwali Chief Dedicates His Tribe to God

Today I finally reached my first original destination, the small village of Malapa, accessible only via a 30-minute ride in a motorized canoe down the Ngoko River. As our canoe approached Malapa’s riverbank, its citizens were singing and dancing in celebration of our arrival. Just a few months ago, Heaven’s Family’s Safe Water Ministry funded the drilling of a well and installation of a durable hand pump. Before that, the villagers had no option but to drink the muddy, contaminated water of the Ngoko River.

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Picture of car trip in Cameroon

The Road to Moloundou

A major part of the vision of Heaven’s Family is not only to serve the “least of these,” but to serve those who want to serve the “least of these.” The value we try to provide to our donors is to give them an efficient, trustworthy means to invest their hard-earned dollars for the benefit of the world’s poorest people, and particularly the poorest among our spiritual family, and to expand Jesus’ kingdom. We do for our investors what most of them would have a very difficult time doing themselves, and we do it for much less money than they could do it themselves. But it isn’t easy or cheap for us, either.

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Picture of farmers in DR Congo

What? Doing It Wrong?

Imagine with me for a moment that you have been employed and doing a particular job for years. You were taught how to do this job by family members and people you highly respect. You do it just like everyone around you does it. Then one day, some complete stranger walks into your workplace, analyzes the operation, shakes his head in disappointment, and then looks you dead in the eyes and says, “You’re doing it wrong.”

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Picture of sexual violence victim and family

The Throw-Away Family

Though Loyosi’s story reads like a horror novel, the words are not fictitious. Her marriage to a Muslim man came to an abrupt end when she became a believer in Jesus. In a fit of rage, the man to whom she had committed her life abandoned her and their three young children.

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Picture of former sex slave in Uganda

Serving the Enemy

At age 14, Santa was abducted by Joseph Kony’s nefarious “Lord’s Liberation Army” in Uganda while riding a bus. Her introduction to these feared rogue soldiers was a bullet through her leg. She was simply going to her Auntie’s village to collect her school fees, but she never made it.

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