“Our Pimps Want to Kill Us!”


“Our Pimps Want to Kill Us!”

Little Girl for Sale. The message is never quite so blatantly stated, but it is a reality just the same. All around the world, but particularly in developing nations, little girls and boys are up for sale—or available to rent by the hour. Last week I led a short-term team to Mexico City, where we visited missionaries Jason and Nicole (last name withheld for security purposes) whose multi-faceted ministry includes rescuing children from sex trafficking. Mexican children regularly disappear, never to be heard from again, and as I traveled with Jason and Nicole, it became apparent to me why Mexico City is a prime target for traffickers.

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Will Work for Education

Can you imagine having to open a private school in your area because the government refuses to do so, only to discover that fewer than 15% of your students can afford tuition? This is the reality for many Christian schools we encounter in the slums of developing nations. But the kindhearted, Christ-like teachers who labor under these conditions cannot bring themselves to refuse these poor children an education.

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Worked to Death

She’s been a workhorse, selflessly serving victims of sexual violence at the Women’s Wellness Center (WWC) in Goma, DR Congo. During her years of faithful service, she has protected vulnerable women and children from further rape and sexual abuse as they traveled to and from their homes to the WWC where they received biblical trauma counseling, vocational training, food and safe water, and medical care,

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Harvest Tools

Each month, through the help of generous friends like you, the National Missionary Fund is equipping national missionaries serving in some of the most spiritually dark places on earth with tools that are enabling them to travel faster, further, and be more effective in their ministries. Today I want to share with you just a glimpse of the many servants of the Lord who are utilizing such tools to make more disciples throughout China, Cuba, India, Mexico, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka.

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Fighting Fang

God is moving again amongst the A-Che people of Southern China. Those of you who have been following our efforts know that the A-Che, until very recently, was an unreached people group. Much has happened in the last few months. As of this month, about 50 A-Che have made decisions to follow Jesus. Of those, 40 have attended discipleship training courses, and 30 have been baptized. This is cause for great rejoicing and praise to God!

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Mobilizing Mercy

I have received a wonderful expression of gratitude from Prasanna and her daughter, Sarah, who serve the leprosy communities in Hyderabad, India, as wound-care nurses. They recently purchased a vehicle with help from Heaven’s Family that will help them make more house calls!

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Breathing the Air of Heaven

Emiliano Esquivel worked hard in the fields in rural Mexico, but the 83-year-old barely made enough money to feed himself. Despite his poverty, he enjoyed the fresh air and smells of the earth each day. Tragically, one day he fell, breaking both an arm and a leg. Because of his age, doctors advised him to try to heal naturally, believing that an operation would be too risky.

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