Saved and Healed

Picture of Bahije receiving supplies

Saved and Healed

My name is Bahije. After my husband was killed in the war, I fled Ghouta (an Al-Qaeda stronghold) and settled with my four children in another village in Syria. Our situation was extremely difficult, so I rented a small room without any utilities just to have a roof over our heads. But I couldn’t work because I was sick, and I couldn’t find a place to take my children so I could start working.

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Picture of Carolyne’s before and after surgery

Better late than never

Carolyne first noticed a lump on her chest in 2016. But she didn’t go to the doctor because she couldn’t afford it. She and her husband have seven children and just meeting their basic, daily needs is a struggle. Over time, the lump grew drastically and caused Carolyne severe pain.

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Picture of unreached Muslim people who received the Word of God

A seeker finds Jesus

Asad was born in a strong Muslim family and was sent to study the Quran at age seven. One day he was walking down a dusty road in the village, studying the Quran, when he saw something unexpected: a man with a long beard waving and smiling at him. At the same time, he heard a voice saying “Jesus.” This happened for three days in a row, so Asad finally shared what had happened with his mom. In response, she called the sheikhs to recite the Quran over him, believing that he was demon-possessed.

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Picture of GloriaPicture of Gloria in Kenya

God remembered Gloria

When little Gloria’s mother died, her aunt took her in and promised that she could attend school. But that promise was soon broken, as there was no money to pay for school. Instead, Gloria became her aunt’s live-in house maid.

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Picture of Anna Formerly trafficked girl Myanmar

A girl learns to trust again

As directors of the Heaven’s Family Human Trafficking & Slavery Ministry, we hear heartbreaking stories of children who have endured unthinkable pain. But because of you, these stories are ending in transformation and hope! Here’s a report from our partner in Myanmar.

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Picture of people in Nigeria filling their containers with clean water

Fill ‘er up

Gurunkparu, Nigeria is a remote village with little development. Our ministry partners have been reaching out to this mostly Muslim village for years to bring them the Good News. They successfully established a church and a school, but the people still had a big daily need—they were drinking filthy water that made them sick.

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Picture of new Chinese believer

New Life

Lily had a troubled life. A heavy smoker and drinker, divorced twice and now married for the third time, she experienced a powerful life transformation after a Chinese believer shared the gospel with her. The woman who shared her faith with Lily was a disciple of a missionary sent by Heaven’s Family’s National Missionary Ministry.

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Picture of GLG memebers and trainers praying

Farmers helping farmers

The God’s Love Groups (GLG) in Karama, Rwanda decided to show their love for one of the Farming God’s Way farmers, Ansisie, by repairing her small house, part of which had collapsed during heavy rain. Now she gives glory to God for the work done by the GLG members and feels that she is no longer alone.

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Picture of inmates receiving supplies

Prison Doors Opening Again

During the pandemic, many prisons around the world have been closed to anyone coming in from the outside. Heaven’s Family’s Prison & Rehab Ministry chaplains have been hindered from taking the gospel to inmates who so desperately need God’s salvation and deliverance.

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