Catching Up!

Image of Brenda before being rescued

Catching Up!

You'd never guess it, but in the above picture, Brenda was not yet rescued. She was participating in a feeding program in Guatemala supported by Heaven's Family. As our partner organization worked with her, it became apparent that Brenda was being abused. Instead of seeing progress with her, the partner saw that she was continuing to be malnourished, that her hair was falling out, and that the orange tint in what should have been black hair was not going away.

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Image of Joseph in Guatemala

Smiling despite the stench

A minefield of dog feces and a diarrhea-filled diaper were just a few of the items we had to tiptoe around today to get to young Joseph's home. For outsiders like us, the stench of the slum where eight-year-old Joseph lives was extremely potent. Joseph, however, is accustomed to the smell. His family has lived in this slum, which sits right next to Guatemala's largest garbage dump, for generations. But that generational cycle will end with Joseph, thanks in part to you!

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Image of women in India receiving tailoring training

Empowering Women in India

Kiya (name changed for security reasons) was hopeless. Her husband had died two years earlier in an accident, leaving her and her three little children with a huge debt to pay. She tried working as a household maid, but the hours were long and the work exhausting. She became sick and started having severe knee pain. Not knowing where her next meal would come from, she began to think that her best option was to take her own life.

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Image of mom rescued from sex work cooking meal

She had to tie up her children!

Thandar Oo's belly lurched with hunger as she held the feet of her children in place. One foot at a time, her fingers coiled rope around little ankles to secure them to the bamboo floor of her tiny hut. It was her only way to make sure her three children didn't run off while she "worked."

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Image of prisoner receiving milk in Rwanda

The Milk Ministry

Through Heaven's Family's Food Ministry you've enabled our dedicated ministry partner in Rwanda to continue to faithfully minister to sick and dying prisoners. Their work is called the "milk ministry" because the milk is so important to the sick prisoners. The team regularly comes three times a week to visit the sick, old, and destitute in the prison hospital. Some are too ill to eat, but the milk helps them regain life and strength. The prisoners open up about their problems and are open to hearing about Jesus.

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Image of farmers from Zimbabwe

A Vision Fulfilled

My name is Sibaomana Christophe. I have a wife and three children. We live near Peter's Farming God's Way model farm. After seeing FGW practiced, I got excited and asked for more information. Peter invited me to Karama (in south Rwanda) for the "Come and See" field day program and FGW training. After spending two days with the team in the south, I came back with a good vision for what my farm could look like.

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Image of mother receiving food relief in Uganda

No digging through trash this month!

Several months ago, we received an urgent cry for help from our trusted partner in Mubende District, Uganda requesting food assistance for many suffering widows, abandoned mothers, and teen moms in his community. He reported that the babies and children had no food and were going to sleep hungry.

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Image of leprosy victim receiving aid

Fingerless for Now

Mwanaasha Salim was born in 1956 in Kenya. Just as she reached her teenage years, she was diagnosed with leprosy. The consequences were shocking and tragic. She was rejected by everyone she knew—even by her family members who were supposed to love her the most.

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